Strategy Advisory Services

What We Do

Strategy & Leadership inc, a boutique advisory firm that partners with leaders in organisations and their executive teams to facilitate value transformation. We are at our best when we facilitate enterprises to overcome their most pressing strategic challenges. Our lead consultant and his team backed by more than forty years of hands-on experience in business transformation, bring industry and business insights with strategic thinking and change management skills to transform your organisation.

Our Approach

We work with the firm’s leadership team to; broaden the level of strategic thinking; generate deep insights; create clarity on the best strategic direction; shift resources towards the generation of superior value growth: identify key strategic initiatives in alignment to direction and design suitable structures to drive the agreed strategy. We also put in place systems, procedures, standards, accountabilities and management information systems for continuous improvement on a consistent basis.

We work on a range of strategic issues including, identifying and addressing gaps in sustaining competitive advantages, optimizing resource allocation across the portfolio, organic and inorganic growth strategies, strategic turnarounds or divestments, as well as individual product / brand / market strategies.


An often heard, deeply felt need in today’s business world is, we have qualified people, but they don’t have the experience and if they do have some experience, then they lack the practical acumen that is a critical factor in ensuring the success of the business.

That’s why we work alongside with your designated team, facilitating applied learning and tackle the challenges together through rational, deliberate fact based strategic solutions. … after all the shifting forces of competitive markets don’t always play nice with the plan from HQ? do they?